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Hillcrest Bakery was featured in
425 Magazine: (Click on image below to see details)

425 Hillcrest Bakery

Hillcrest Bakery was featured in
Seattle Metropolitan Bride & Groom Magazine Jan/Feb 2010 Edition
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Voted Best Bakery of Western Washington

The following reviews of Hillcrest Bakery are from the King 5 "Best of" website:

Posted by: Andrew P., 9/9/2009
Hands down the best breads, cookies, pastries, and treats in the Seattle area. They also made our wedding cake and it was amazing. Local and family owned, can't be beat!

Posted by: Giovanni K., 9/29/2009
The Hillcrest Bakery makes the best bread around. They make great speculaas cookies and weilhnacht stollen. Friendly staff, too.

Posted by: Jennifer N., 9/30/2009
They made me the most amazing wedding cake. It was delicious and received so many compliments at the reception from my guests. The top layer that we saved and froze for our 1 year anniversary even tasted great!

Posted by: Eli G., 10/1/2009
I give morning product presentations to architects in the Puget Sound area as I am in sales. I use Hillcrest to draw more attendance to my presentations... I lure them in with deliciousness!

Posted by: Rosedahlia, 10/2/2009
For 23 years we have bought our specialty cakes and pies from Hillcrest Bakery. They are always great. The baked goods are wonderful; the staff is super nice; the variety is incredible. There is no other place around with so much quality.

Posted by: Lori L., 10/3/2009
Great speciality cakes. Lots of individual items available so you can enjoy a treat without worrying about eating the whole cake. Everything is incredible!

Posted by: Laura L., 10/3/2009
They have the most amazing pastries, specializing in European pastries, which I love - they have kringle! We got my birthday cake from there this year, and it was beautiful and delicious, and everything is always very reasonably priced.

Posted by: Michele W., 10/6/2009
The cakes are absolutely mouthwatering!! You can go into the shop and always find something stunning. Staff is fabulous and the family is always active in the community. A wonderful place to have in any neighborhood but I am really glad they are in my neighborhood!!

Posted by: Dave C., 10/6/2009
Hillcrest is a REAL bakery...the kind that have almost vanished from Puget Sound...try a maple bar in the morning, there is not another bakery that does it as well. The sausage rolls, pork and beef, are outstanding. Hillcrest is one top bakery.

Posted by: Liz, 10/9/2009
Oh my gosh, the muffins are fabulous!! They are unique, they taste home made, they are definitely not 'run of the mill/same ol', same ol'. Sienfeld should have used them for their top of the muffin skit. Let me tell you, the top of these muffins are absolutely wonderful, they are crunchie and... wait, I've got to run down there and get another - I just made my mouth water beyond belief! They taste delicious!

Posted by: Annie, 10/9/2009
Fabulous treats and breads and my wedding cake was AMAZING! My family has been going to this wonderful family owned bakery for years and will continue going for many to come!

Posted by: Tom L., 10/9/2009
Delicious, flakey, buttery, sweet but not over the top, european pasteries. Friendliest place in Bothell to take a coffee break. You're greeted with a smile and you leave with a smile. A family owned landmark business in these parts!

Posted by: Gary S., 10/10/2009
The goods, the selection, the service and the Dutch authenticity cannot be beat. NEVER been to a better bakery. Period.

Posted by: Dan B., 10/10/2009
Hillcrest Bakery makes the maple bars from any other establishment sadly not worth consuming! The anticipation of fresh maple bar with a hot cup of coffee delivered with a friendly and familiar smile makes getting out of bed on a Saturday morning seem like a good idea!

Posted by: Christina C., 10/10/2009
We love this bakery. The staff is super friendly and helpful. The pastries and bread are always fresh and so yummy. We would recommend this place to anyone!!

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