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Holiday, Dutch Treats & European Baked Goods

Banket Staaf (Almond Stick) ~ Traditional Dutch Family Recipe- A Rich Almond Paste encased in hand-folded Puff Pastry baked until golden brown.

Speculaas Cookie ~ Traditional Dutch Family Recipe- A combination of five different spices mixed together with brown sugar, eggs margarine and flour. Each cookie is individually formed by using a hand carved mold which is over 100 years old.

Taai Taai ~ This means "chewy, chewy" in Dutch and it lives up to its name. Taai Taai is a very healthy treat made with Honey, Rye Flour and Anise seed.

Weihnacht Stollen ~ A rich European holiday bread made with raisins, nuts and real butter filled with a bead of almond paste. While still hot it is brushed with melted butter to seal in the flavor.

Yulekaka ~ A sweet bread mixed with Candied fruit, Lemon and Cardamom formed into a round loaf or a wreath shape. It is known to the Scandinavian's as "Christmas Cake.

Almond Kringle ~ A beautiful rich Danish dough pastry filled with Almond Paste and Bavarian Custard. It is topped with sliced almonds, a sweet glaze and then braided.

seattle bakery holiday dutch
Taai Taai

seattle bakery holiday dutch
Banket Staaf

seattle bakery holiday dutch
100+ year old Speculaas Mold

Include one of these Traditional Treats for your next Holiday Celebration.

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